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Our Comprehensive List of Boy Names

We’ve taken our time to ensure that you have the best and most up to date information (including the latest baby naming stats in 2013) on the internet, please enjoy our list on English boy’s names:

Name Description Popularity
Abbott Old English name for the head of a religious community *
Abe Pet form of the name Abraham *
Addison Old English name, means son of Adam *
Adrian From the Latin Name Hadrianus ***
Aiken Old English boy’s name meaning made of oak *
Ainsley Likely from the place names Annesley or Ansley **
Al Pet name from name starting with the letter Al ***
Alan Of Celtic origins **
Alaric Derived form the words meaning All and Ruler *
Alban An old British name. It means Scotland in Welsh. *
Discover the charm of the many English boy's names
Discover the charms of English boys’ names


Albert Derived form the words meaning Noble and Bright ***
Albion Same origins as Alban *
Aldrich Old and wise leader *
Alec Short name for Alexander ***
Alex Short name for Alexander ****
Alexander From the name Alexandros ****
Alexis From the name Alexius **
Alf Pet form of the English name Alfred ***
Alfie Pet form of the English name Alfred ****
Alfred It means supernaturally and wise ***
Alger It is derived from words meaning supernaturally and spear *
Algernon From word grenon meaning moustache *
Alick Different spelling of Alec *
Allan Variant of Alan **
Allen Variant of Alan **
Alton From a town in England **
Alvin Derived from the words meaning Supernatural + Friend **
Ambrose From the Latin name Ambrosius- means immortal *
Andrew English form of Andreas ****
Andy Pet form of Andrew ***
Anthony From the Roman family name Antonius ***
Archer From the man who’s job was a bowman *
Armstrong Possibly originated from a person with Strong Arms **
Arnold From the words meaning Eagle and Ruler **
Ashley Name comes from the tree Ash **
Aston From the place names (meaning East settlement) *
Atwater From the words meaning Water Side *
Aubrey English name meaning Supernatural Power **
Austin From the Latin name Augustinus ***
Avery Closely associated to Alfred *
Bailey Associated with the job of the bailiff ****

Top Tip: If you can’t decide on an English name why don’t you try  different combinations of first names with your surname so you can get the name that sounds right for you. See tips choosing a name.

Baldwin Means brave friend **
Barclay From the English place Berkeley *
Barrett From the name Baret *
Barnaby A biblical name from the name Barnabas *
Bartholomew With biblical origins *
Barton From English places meaning barley settlements *
Basil Meaning Royal **
Baxter From the name Baker *
Baz Pet form of Barry **
Benedict Means Blessed *
Benjamin Biblical origin ****
Bennett From the name Benedict *
Benson Originates from the name Ben *
Bentley Means grass clearing *
Berkley From the boy’s name Barclay *
Bernard Means strong/brave bear **
Bert Pet name for Albert **
Bill Pet name of William ****
Blake A person with hair or skin either Fair or Dark ***
Bob Pet for of Robert ***
Bobby Pet for of Robert **
Bond Means farmer *
Brad Short for the name Brafley or Bradford **
Bradley from the Broad Clearing ***
Brent From the Steep Hill in Dorset and Summerset **
Bret A person who comes from Brittany *
Brewster From the occupation Brewer *
Brian Means high and noble ***
Brigham Means Bridge Settler *
Brooke After a small stream **
Bruce From the Scottish surname **
Bruno Means dark/brown complexion *
Bryant Comes from the English boy’s name Brian **
Buck Means male strong deer *
Bud From the term buddy *
Burgess Citizen of a town called Burgeis *
Burton After place names in England with a Fortress **
Byron Means cattle shed / or person who lives there *
Cade Means something round and lumpish *
Caesar Analgised from the Italian name Cesare *
Caldwell Means cold Well *
Calvert Means shepherd or cowboy *
Calvin From the French surname *
Carl From the German boy’s name Karl ***
Carlton Places with the same origin of Charlton *
Carter Name comes from a person who drives a cart **
Carver Name comes from a person with a trade as a wood carver **
Cary From a river in Devon or Summerset *
Casey From the brave hero Casey Jones who’s name originates from his birthplace Cayce **
Cassian From the Latin name Cassius *
Cecil From a Welsh Celtic name Seissylt **
Cedric From the name Cerdic *
Chad From old English boys name Ceadda who was a saint *
Chandler Originates from a person who made candles **
Chapman Middle ages name that means Merchant **
Charles Means ‘free man’ originates from the names Cearl or Ceorl ****
Charlie Pet form of Charles ***
Charlton Made popular by Charlton Heston. Old English name Ceorlatun ***
Chase Originates from a huntsman *
Chester From people who came from the English place Chester **
Chris Pet form of the name Christopher ***
Christian From the name Chrisianus which means a Christian **
Christopher From the Greek name Khristophoros and means ‘Christ Bearer’ ***
Chuck Mainly US based term of endearment **
Clarence Linked to famous royal princes **
Claude From the Latin name Claudius meaning ‘Lame’ **
Clay Pet name of Clayton *
Clayton From people who lived in the clay settlement *
Clement From the Latin name Clemens *
Cliff Short form of Clifford **
Clifford Originates form the words Cliff and ford *
Clifton Related to the words cliff, slop and riverbank **
Clive Found in various English locations – meaning clif or slope **
Clyde From the Scottish river **
Cole Old English male name Cola – meaning black *
Coleman From a man who burns cole *
Colin Short form of Nicholas ***
Conrad Means bold in counsel *
Constant Means steadfast *
Conway Celtic name and it means holy river *
Corwin This name means from beyond a hill *
Courtney Originates from places in Northen France **
Craig Means rocky from the Gaelic word creag ***
Crispin Means curly headed *
Crosby This English boy’s names means dweller by town cross *
Curtis This name means courteous *
Cuthbert Middle English boy’s name meaning famous and bright **
Cyril Lord like from Greek name Kyrillos **

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