History of the name Adrian

Although the name Adrian was not included in England’s 100 most popular boy names in 2014, it is still a lovely name that should undoubtedly be considered for your unborn son. One reason for this is simply because the name Adrian sounds quite pretty. It is also simple to spell and read, you don’t have to worry about anyone mispronouncing his name.

Although these are some great reasons to choose the name Adrian for your baby, you will surely want to know what the meaning of this name is. Adrian is an American, Latin, English, and Shakespearean name.

The meaning of Adrian is black, dark, and of the Adriatic (which refers to the Adriatic Sea region).

Famous People Called Adrian

If you chose to name your child Adrian, he will also be sharing his name with a few other, well-known individuals named Adrian. Some of these individuals include the musical conductor Adrian Boult, the tennis player Adrian Ungur, Adrian Chiles a sports presenter and also the American football star Adrian Peterson.

Although Adrian is a nice name, it may not be the right name for your baby. If you’re searching for English baby names, do not hesitate to visit ourĀ website.