Meaning of the Boy’s Name Albert

The Albert name is a masculine name that has derived from the words “noble” and “bright” in German.

There are also many nicknames for this name, including Albie, Bert, Burt, Elbert, Berty and Al.


The popularity of Albert became quite popular in Great Britain in 1840 from the Great Prince Albert. The name’s popularity became even more popular in England in the year 2013 where it reached 94th position.

People with the Name Albert

There are quite a few fictional characters in tv shows and movies that share this name:
Albert from the 1977 film Suspiria, Albert in the Josie and the Pussycayts comics, Albert Hinkley in the Pixar film “Cars”, Albert Heinrich in Cyborg 009 and Al in the Disney Pixar film “Toy Story”.

When it comes to famous people, there are many famous people, as well as well-known fictional characters that share this name.

These people include Albert Camus who is a French philosopher, Albert Shepherd, an American rapper, Albert Pujols, a Dominican-American Basketball player, Albert Ellis who is an American psychologist, Albert Hammond Jr., the guitarists from the band The Stroke, Albert Wesker, a fictional character from the Resident Evil series, Albert Franklin, a fictional character in the film “Bogus, Albert Ingalls from the TV show “Little House on the Prairie”, Albert “Bertie” Highmore who is the brother of Freddie Highmore and Albert Hillsborough who is a character in the book series “GONE” by Michael Grant.

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