Meaning and Origin of then Name Alex

Throughout human history, Alex has held a unique place in history and still, to this day, is a name that carries heritage and strength. When one hears that name, the meaning of Alex that flashes into the mind’s eye is one of strength and power.

To understand the Alex name and its place in history, we have to look to Greece. The name originally hails from the Greek language, where it stands for Alexander. With this in mind, one remembers Alexander the Great. He is probably among the most important persons in history to use the Alex name. Other famous historical figures to have born the Alex name are Alex Ferguson, Alex Pettyfer, Alex Reid, Alex Rodriguez, Alex Smith, Alex Trebek, and many more. And, according to a study conducted in 2012, it was the 62nd most popular name of baby boys in England for that year.

In the Greek, the meaning of Alex is “Defender of men.” This is a very strong name, which would set up your child to be able to project an image of strength.


Alex was the 62nd most popular baby boy’s name in England in 2012 (latest stats from the Office of National Statistics).┬áBecause of its place in history and its popularity, Alex is a name that brings meaning and weight to the bearer.

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