Alexander What’s in a Name?

Alexander has always been a popular boy’s name. Alexander is a Royal name and is one of the names of the new British Prince George. Alexander has been popular as a British name for many years.

Meaning and Origin of Alexander

The literal meaning of the name Alexander is helper and defender of mankind. Those who care about the actual translation of names are undoubtedly impressed by this. It’s origin is Greek.It has been popular throughout time and has long been in the top 30 of English names. Many people who have enjoyed this name have found it to be as strong masculine name. Alexander’s popularity may have something to do with Alexander the Great, who may have had an influence on the names continuous use throughout history.The name Alexander has stood the test of time, and has never really gone out of vogue. It is a testament to the enduring power of the name that it was strongly considered to be the first given name of the new baby royal. Look for the name Alexander to continue to be in the list of popular English names for years to come.

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