Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name Alexis

If you are expecting, you may be at search of baby names as this step is extremely crucial to many other parents.They are various resources that aid in the naming process of unborn infants.

Given that names are so much so researched by individuals and depended on, It is very essential to hold a name to the value it uphold for more accuracy.

Quick historical fact on the meaning of Alexis. The name is derivative of saint Alexius. He was an iconic figure in Catholic Churches during the Roman Empire. People find importance to his name because This very man, once a beggar, was singled out by mother Mary as a “man of God” in the 3-4th century B.C. This explains the origin of the name Alexis which mean to help.


Alexis was not in the top 100 boys’ names in England in 2015. ¬†However, the name has gained popularity in the United States during the years 1940’s-2010.

Famous People Called Alexis

Popularity of Alexis: Here Are Examples of Famous people whom lived up to their names

  • Alexis sanch√®z – This Chilean man became the Most expensive athlete. He is currently signed by Barcelona for 25 million proving his work ethic a significant one.
  • Alexis ohanian- Partner of Serena Williams known for co-founding Reddit (an American social news discussion website).
  • Alexis tsipras- Voted as one of the most influential people in Time magazine. He has Looked upon Greece debt crisis during his reign as prime minister in 2015

The name of your baby plays a significant role in the shaping of their character as they grow. It depicts what type of image he/she is likely to convey in the world. When picked wisely, this gives parents the up-most satisfaction that their little ones will live up to their names.

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