Alfie is an English boy’s name and it’s in the top 10 baby names in England. The name Alfie became particularly more prominent after the film by the same name starring Michael Kane in 1966. On this webpage you’ll find the meaning of the name Alfie, its origins, its popularity and famous pleople with the name Alfie.

Meaning and Origin

Alfie is a shortened form of the name Alfred. Alf can also be a pet name for Alfie.


According to the 2011 figures released by the ONS, Alfie is the 4rd most popular baby name in England. The same study showed that Alfie was the 6th most popular boy’s name in Wales.

Famous People with the First Name Alfie

Here is a list of a few famous people or characters who have the name Alfie:

  • Alfie Bo – Is an English tenor singer who shot to fame in 2006 in the classical music charts.
  • Alfie Allen – An English actor who starred in the TV series ‘Game of Thorns’
  • Alfie Moon – the fictional character from the television soap Eastenders.
  • Alfie is also the nickname of the rugby player Gareth Thomas.