Meaning of the Name Alfred

The Alfred name can be traced back to an old English language option of Aelfread, which provides the meaning of Alfred as wise counsellor in its English meaning.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Alfred has fallen over recent years with the UK government not ranking the name in the top 100 boys names of 2013, but the shortened version of the name did appear at number 11 as Alfie.

Famous People Called Alfred

Despite not being one of the┬ámost popular names in the UK there are many different examples of the name being used by famous people in popular culture and by members of the British royal family. Perhaps the best known example of a historic figure with the name Alfred is the English King Alfred the Great of the 9th Century, who was known as England’s darling and was known for his compassion and wisdom.

Other popular figures with the name include Hollywood movie director Alfred Hitchcock, known for the films Rear Window and Psycho. Other Alfred’s include the English poet Lord Tennyson, Washington Redskins football player Alfred Morris and actor Alfred Molina.

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