Meaning and Origin of the Name Anthony

The meaning of Anthony originally derives from the Etruscan last name Antonius, but not much else is known. It was originally thought to stem from the Greek word “anthos,” meaning “flower,” but this has since been proven incorrect, though the misconception still persists.

Its association with Christianity came with the veneration of St. Anthony the Great of Egypt and the cult of St. Antony of Padua. It was most popular in 1944, when it was the sixth most popular name in the country.

Famous People Called Anthony

Other notable people with the Anthony name include boxer Anthony Joshua, the EastEnders character Dr. Anthony Trueman, played by actor Nicholas Bailey, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and American chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain.

Even so, the popularity of Anthony is not very high as it did not even place in the top 100 names in England for 2013. There are also the Anthony Awards, awards given to deserving mystery writers, and the Tony Awards, famously awarded to American Broadway stars in recognition of their talents.

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