Meaning and Origin of the Name Archer

Archer is a boys name that etomologically comes from the French language. It originated as a surname in the 12th century and was used primarily by those who were professional archers. Beyond what the word archer and the original surname denotes, a profession, the name Archer as a boys first name connotes affluence, perseverance, and tenacity.

Popularity of Archer

Through the centuries the popularity of Archer as a surname dwindled. However, in the 1800s the previously common use of Archer as a surname shifted to a usage of Archer as a boys first name. This second revival of the name Archer was a quiet one as the name saw seldom use.

Although since 2014 there has been a rise in popularity of the name Archer it still did not make it to the top 100 baby boys’ name in England. The meaning of Archer along with its deceptively modern and catchy sound are likely big factors in this recent increase of mindshare.

Famous Archers

A rise is the popularity of Archer could also be attributed to the the shows Robin Hood, Private Practice, and the animated show Archer which all feature characters named Archer.

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