History of the Name Ashley

The name Ashley was originally given to male children, although it has more recently become a popular name for girls. This may have contributed to the decline of Ashley’s popularity as a boy’s name; it was not among the top 100 baby boy’s names in England as of 2012. However, it is still a wonderful descriptive moniker that should be included in your consideration of potential baby names.

Meaning of Ashley

The meaning of Ashley is of English origin and is derived from the Old English for “ash tree” and “meadow, forest clearing.” This name most likely began as a surname, so the meaning of Ashley may have referred to an “ash tree meadow” as a place in which the family lived.

Famous People Named Ashley

Although Ashley’s popularity as a girl’s name has risen dramatically since the 20th century, there are several famous men named Ashley. Some examples are Ashley Cole, Ashley Williams, and Ashley Young, all of whom are footballers. Ashley Taylor Dawson is a British actor, and Ashley Giles is an English cricketer. Ashley is a wonderful name, but it may not be the best name for your baby.┬áCheck our website for more ideas on English names.