Meaning and Origin of the Name Austin

Derived from the name Augustus, and THAT is a variation of the Latin name Augustinus. The name became VERY commonplace in the middle ages throughout Europe.

Popularity of Austin

Currently Austin name is still around, and quite popular! It is known as one of the top 100 names for boys born in the UK according to the latest government reports  in 2013 on the name, it officially ranks 93rd in England and is one of the names that is similarly popular throughout various parts of the world. Austin is also a fairly common surname. One of the reasons for the popularity of Austin as a name for boys may have something to do with the meaning of Austin.

Meaning of Austin

Austin is known to its English history to mean “venerable” as well as widely being known to mean “magic dignity.” Others say that it means “ingenious.”

Famous People

Famous people with the name Austin include:

  • Austin Healey an ex English international rugby player
  • Austin Powers – action comedy films staring the English actor Mike Myers
  • Herbert Austin – the founder of the Austin Motor Company


Regardless if you are wanting to name based on the names meaning, popularity, sounds and “feel” of the name, or history, Austin is a name that is shared by millions across the world, it certainly does have a “certain kind of dignity” that has been noticed by all who chose this name for their baby boy.

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