Popularity of The Boy’s Name Bailey

Choosing the name for your baby is one of the most important decisions, if not the most decision, that a parent can make. Because of this, parents take extra care to make sure that they pick the perfect name. In the United Kingdom, the name Bailey is the 98th most commonly used unisex name. as well as 93rd most popular name for a boy in England in 2013.

Meaning and Origin

The Bailey name has its origin in English. The meaning of Bailey is that of a person with authority, such as a bailiff. The popularity of Bailey is actually more than one might think.

Famous People with the Name

There are several famous people with the name Bailey, including 7 celebrity babies, such as Scott Baio’s daughter, Bailey DeLuca Baio. Three such famous persons with this name are David Bailey, a famous artist from Leytonstone, East London; Bailey Howell, an american basketball player; and Bill Bailey, a comedian from Bath, Somerset, who was immortalized when his name was incorporated in the lyrics of Naming of Cats in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS. Not to mention, the name Bailey itself has a nice ring to it.

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