Meaning of Benjamin

The Benjamin name was originally a name for males, which meaning of Benjamin is “Son of my right hand”in Hebrew.
In most cases, the name Benjamin is mostly shortened to the name Ben or Benny.

Origin of Benjamin

The name Benjamin was originally a surname, just like most names that can be found in the bible. This name can also be found in such religions and faiths such as Christian, Jewish and Muslims, which all hold a variety of different means and form.


The are many nicknames for the name Benjamin including Benn, Bennie, Benja, Amin, Benjin, Benjo, Banjo, Jin, Bunga, Benjibum, Jamie, Benjy and Benj.

Popularity in England

The popularity of Benjamin was in English as number 28th on the most popular baby boy names charts in 2014.

Famous People or Characters with the name Benjaim

The Ex-Briitish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli
The Ex-British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

There are also many famous people in real life who are also named Benjamin. These famous people include, Benjamin Stiller, who is an American Actor for Movies, American Actor Ben Affleck, American Football player Ben Roethisberger, American Actor, Ben Foster, American actor, Benjamin McKenzie and Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers in America.
The name Benjamin has also been found in many children’s stories, tv show and movie characters, including the story of Benjamin Bunny, the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The character, Benjamin Linus from the hit tv show Lost and the character Benjamin Seaver in the tv show, Growing Pains.

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