Overview of the Name Bentley

Bentley the Manufacture of luxury cars
Bentley the Manufacture of luxury cars

Bentley is a name that can either be a masculine given name or a surname. The name Bentley was a surname before becoming a given name.

Bentley comes from a place called Old English beonet and Leah. In the year 1919, two men, brothers, Horace Milner Bentley and Walter Owen Bentley started an English car company based in Crewe, England.

Meaning of Bentley

The meaning of Bentley is bent grass and woodland clearing.

Popularity of Bentley

The popularity of Bentley in England for the 20th century is unavailable. In 2011, it was on the chart at number 284, and began to rise until it stated leveling off by 2014 at 299. By 2015, Bentley was number 322 in England and Wales.

Famous Bentleys

Only characters like the two video series Bentleys, the Sly Cooper and from Spyro the Dragon have Bentley for first names. In the comedy series The Jefferson’s, the funny, yet annoying English neighbour was named Harry Bentley. Bill and David Bentley are English football players. Ken Bentley is a British television director. Nicholas and Phyllis Bentley are both famous a British authors. Finally, Marc Benley is a voice-over artist, actor, and broadcaster.

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