Meaning of The Name “Blake”

In 2012 the name Blake was the 59th most popular name for boys in the United Kingdom. Originally from the Old English words “blac” or “blaac”, the meaning of Blake is either “light” or “dark” respectively. In this context, “light” or “dark” refers probably to someone with light or dark hair or skin tone. As you can imagine, this applied to a vast array of people. Perhaps because of this, Blake has long been a popular surname in the United Kingdom.

Famous People Called Blake


People from all walks of life have had the last name of Blake, such as nobles like Sir Francis Blake, and artists such as the immortal William Blake. Blake’s popularity as a given name has risen in more modern times. Made popular in the 1970s with the British science fiction program “Blake’s 7” the name now enjoys a great deal of use, even in the United States where it is most often heard in the central part of the country. Some popular people with this first name include the actor Blake Harrison, athlete Blake Austin, and poet Blake Morrison. While most commonly used as a boy’s name, the popularity of American actress Blake Lively has given rise to the name’s use for girls as well.

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