Meaning of the name Bradley

The name Bradley is of English origin and the name derives from a popular surname in England which means “broad clearing”, “broad wood” or “broad meadow”. Bradley is a great masculine and strong name for a little boy. Bradley can be used for a young child’s name and as he grows up the name can be condensed down to Brad for a more mature sound.

Popularity of the Name

In 2012 the name Bradley’s popularity was ranked outside the top 100 most popular baby boys names in England. The name can be shortened down to several nicknames including Brad, Lee, Brady or Rad for short. Bradley is also becoming an increasing popular name for little girls with different variations of spelling.

Famous People Called Bradley

There are several famous people with the name Bradley including actors such as Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt and Bradley James just to mention a few. Omar Bradley was a great American General from the World War II who also bore the name Bradley being used as his surname. Famous English people with the name Bradley include Bradley Wiggins the famous cyclist who won the ‘Tour De France’ and Bradley Walsh the entertainer who appeared on Coronation Street.

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