Bruce: Meaning and Origin

Bruce is an English male name. In English, the meaning of Bruce is a thick brush. In France, however, it means “from Brys”. The name was brought to England by the Normans, from a town named Brix in France. The name Bruce has been a Scottish surname since medieval times. It was made famous by Robert the Bruce (1274-1329), who achieved independence from England in the fourteenth century and became King Robert I of Scotland.

Popularity of Bruce

A research carried out in 2013 shows that Bruce is not among the top a hundred most popular names in England. It was ranked position 400 in the United States and attained the 375th position in Netherlands in terms of popularity. This is despite a large number of celebrities who bear the name.

Celebrities with the name Bruce

Popular people called Bruce include:
• Bruce Lee- martial artist and movie actor
• Bruce Willis- movie star
• Bruce Campbell- movie actor, producer, writer, and author.
• Bruce Springsteen- singer-songwriter
• Bruce Carter- football player
• Bruce Greenwood- actor and musician
• Bruce Wayne- the personality behind Batman
People named Bruce are said to be charismatic leaders who value integrity and discipline.

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