Meaning and Origin of the name Bruno

The Bruno name is considered a name for a boy. There are female variations of the name such as Brunella and Bruna. The meaning of Bruno comes from the Germanic word, brun , which means shield or armour. The meaning of Bruno can also be brown or brown haired.

Popularity of the Name

Although not among the top names in the United Kingdom, the popularity of Bruno can be observed in many countries in Europe and Brazil. According to the Office of National Statistics, Bruno came in at 442nd of popular baby names in 2014.

Famous People with the Name Bruno

The Bruno name is derived from Saint Bruno of Cologne. Saint Bruno was a monk in Germany during the 11th century. He founded the Carthusain Order.

The name also belonged to several other notable men in history including philosopher Giordano Bruno and Bishop Bruno of Augsburg. Many famous men have had Bruno as a surname. These include Salvatore Bruno, the Italian football striker and musician Giano Bruno. The use of Bruno name can be attributed to its rich history of strong men who have carried the name.

A famous English boxer, Frank Bruno has the surname Bruno.

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