Meaning of the Name Burton

The meaning of Burton is that of a fort or an enclosure of some kind. There are many people who were working and living in burts long ago that are now called forts.

Burton is not only a given name, you can often find people with the surname Burton in England.


The name Burton for boys has not always been very popular, and the popularity of Burton has not cracked the top 100 recently. However, it has been a very popular name in the past as many famous people have had this name.

Famous People with the Name Burton

Burton Reynolds, more affectionately known as Burt
Burton Reynolds, more affectionately known as Burt

The name has been used for many famous people including Bert Convey and Burt Reynolds. Those two men had two different versions of the same name, and it is also the name of another famous actor.

Burt Lancaster is a bit older than Burt Reynolds, but it was a famous actor in the heyday for this name. It has dropped off since his younger years, but it is still one of the best names for a boy with an old soul.

This name hardens back to great and famous people who have been able to carry the name with grace and style, and it has come to help boys have a name that is very strong and makes them feel very masculine and very strong.

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