Meaning and Popularity of the Name Carlton

The list of 100 most popular baby names in England in 2015 did not include the name Carlton, but that only makes the name more appealing.

It is a boy name that means freeman or peasant. It is a simple name, and yet it has been used for many famous people and things, too.

Famous Carltons

A chain of hotels called Carlton
A chain of hotels called Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is a branch of luxury hotels. Carlton Fairweather is a former English professional footballer. Carlton Palmer is also a former footballer who played for his country England and Sheffield Wednesday. Carlton Banks is a character on TV.


The meaning of Carlton may be simple, but there are many things about the name that make it stand out. It is a special name, even if the popularity of Carlton is not so great.

It has been used in England and beyond, and a few famous people have been named it. The Ritz-Carlton is a great establishment, as well, and any parent of a new baby boy should feel good when they give him this classic name because he will feel proud to bear it.

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