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The Meaning and History of the Name Roy

Roy Hodgson former England manager and player
Roy Hodgson former England manager and player

The name Roy has many different roots it is Gaelic, French and English in origin.

The meaning of Roy is from the Gaelic word Ruadh, meaning Red and the French word Roi, meaning King. A lovely name full of history. The baby name Roy is definitely suitable for a little King!

Popularity of the Name

Roy was not in the Top 100 baby boy names in England as of the latest government stats collected back in 2016. The popularity of Roy might have decreased over the years but this name was quite popular in the late 1800s to early-mid 1900s, ranking 18th in the year 1889 and most recently being ranked 18th in the year 1894. The most children given the name was in the year of 1947, 7,563 babies were given this name. However the name Roy is still used in a lot of countries across the world today!

Famous people with this name

Roy Orbison the famous singer
Roy Orbison the famous singer

As you will see from the list below Roy is a common name for some popular musicians:

  • Roy Hodgson, was the English football manager and former player
  • Roy Orbison, American Singer Songwriter who wrote many famous songs including ‘Pretty Woman’
  • Roy Clark, an American country singer
  • Roy Hargrove, American jazz musician
  • Roy Wilkins, civil rights activist
  • Roy Blunt, is an  American politician

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Orville’s Meaning And History

The name Orville means gold town, and it is a wonderful name that you can use for any boy. It was the name of Orville Wright who help create the aeroplane, and the popularity of Orville has faltered in recent years because it has been seen as an old name for a boy.

The meaning of Orville is great for boys because it shows the boys that they have this beautiful potential in their souls. Calling a boy gold town shows him that he has a heart of gold.

Famous People and Things called Orville

Orville Wright a famous  aviation pioneer
Orville Wright a famous aviation pioneer

The name means gold town, and it gives people a lot of confidence because of how it sounds. You should look back at people like Orville Wright and Orville Reddenbacher who carried this name well.

They created towns of gold of their own, and they can be a source of pride for kids who are named after them. Ensure that you have looked deeper into the name and compared it to the names in your family before your selection.

Our favourite Orville is Orville the Duck. The famous puppet of the English ventriloquist Keith Harris and was famous in the 1980’s.


The child’s name that is chosen should give parents a feeling of vitality, and giving this name to boys could become a family tradition. Orville’s name meaning will remind you the best knights of the land who came from towns of gold.

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The name Benedict is a popular masculine given in Britain and other parts of the world like the United States.

Meaning of Benedict

The name is borrowed from Latin’s Benedictus which means blessed. It stems for the names bene and dicte which means good and speak respectively thus also meaning well spoken. The most popular nickname for it is Ben.

Popularity of Benedict

The name was also very popular in the middle ages in England mostly due to the association with St. Benedict of Norcia. It was popular, particularly in Christianity. However, the name is not very popular today as it did not feature in the top 100 names in 2015 in England going by the government statistics. It ranked position 341 in England and Wales from the 2015 ranking.

Famous people with the name Benedict

The English Actor Benedict Cumberbatch
The English Actor Benedict Cumberbatch

Some of the most popular people bearing the name are;
• St. Benedict of Norcia, the founder of the Benedictine Order.
• Benedict Cumberbatch, a prominent English actor from Hammersmith in London.
• Benedict Arnold, a general in the American Revolutionary wars who would later
defect to the British army.
• Pope Benedict XVI who was elected in the year 2005 and would later resign in
. A total of 16 popes have used the name Benedict.

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Meaning and Popularity of the Name Montgomery

The name Montgomery is not one of the most popular names in England, and it didn’t make it to the list of the 100 most used baby names there in 2015. But it is a boy’s name that is easily recognisable and that has a nice, strong sound to it. The meaning of Montgomery is simple, as it means “of the mountain”.

Origin of the Name

The name originates from Normandy in the North of France. One theory of its origin is a of the place “Gomer’s Hill” or more like it’s Latin name ‘Mons Gomeris’.

Famous People or Places Called Montgomery

Field Marshal Montgomery. The Famous British Military Figure.
Field Marshal Montgomery. The Famous British Military Figure.

The name has been used for many notable purposes, and one of those purposes is the city in Alabama, United States named Montgomery, a town in Wales and also some very notable people:

  • Montgomery is the surname of Bernard, a famous British officer, better know as Field Marshal Montgomery (or Monty for short) who is one of the most famous English military leaders and fought against the Germans in both World Wars
  • Roger de Montgomerie was an earl of Shrewsbury
  • and Colin Montgomerie is a Scottish golfer.

So, although the name hasn’t been one of the most popular boy names recently, it is still one that people will recognise because of all of the ways it has been used through the years. It has been around for centuries, and with its simple meaning and the strong sound that it has to it, the popularity of Montgomery does not matter.

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Meaning and History of the Name Andrew

The name Andrew is a popular name especially common in both England and also in Scotland.

The meaning of the name is manly and is linked to the Italian name Andrea and the Greek name Andreas (the origin of the name’s meaning).

Andy and Drew are shorten or pet versions of the name.

Popularity of the Name

Andrew was not in the top 100 baby boy names in England in 2016. The name however was very popular in 1989 and was at its peak being used.

Famous People with the Name Andrew

There are many famous people with the name Andrew both in England and the rest of the World including:

The English Cricketer Andrew Flintoff
The English Cricketer Andrew Flintoff
  • Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland (amongst many other countries) and lived up the the very brave and manly meaning of the name. He was an Apostal and brother to Saint Peter.
  • Prince Andrew (The Duke of York) is the son of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Andrew Lloyd Weber is a famous musical composer and song writer from London. See Royal baby names for more information.
  • Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the USA.
  • Andrew Flintoff was an English professional cricket player.


Andrew is a popular name all over the world and is commonly used and the name it refers to is someone that is being for manly or represents men.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Quentin

The name Quentin is meant “The fifth”. It comes from the name Quintinus in Latin. Their few characteristics that resemble a boy or a girl (occasionally used), that is given this name. Clever and intelligent are one of this characteristics.

The meaning of Quentin goes back to the Romans. The fifth child of men was called Quintus.


Quentin was not in the top 100 baby boys names in 2016.

Pet Names

This name has many nicknames Quent, Winny, Quinn, and Q.

Famous People Called Quentin

Regarding of the popularity of Quentin, there are many celebrities that have this name.

The Famous Director Quentin Tarantino
The Famous Director Quentin Tarantino

Some are Saint Quentin, Quentin Tarantino (the director of the films “Kill Bill” and “Reservoir Dogs”), Quentin L. Brown (army officers), Quentin Cooper (Science Journalist) and Quentin Blake (Illustrator). There many fictional characters that have this name. Many of the series are well-known: Dark Shadows (Quentin Collins), Paper Towns (Quentin “Q” Jacobsen) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Quentin Travers). In 2005 over 218 millions of babies were named Quentin.

This name has a versatility and flexibility that can be given to any kid. It doesn’t sound too young or too older. With this said, is for any age and would suit the child that has it.

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Origin of the Name Vincent

The name Vincent is a masculine name derived from the name Vincentius. Although Vincent has been used as an English name since the middle ages, it didn’t become a common name until the 19th century.

Meaning of Vincent

The name Vincent means to conquer or win.

The Popularity of Vincent

Vincent was a popular name with Christian saints of the 19th century. Vincent is one of the few names that’s had moderate popularity in England and Wales 20 years ago and gained momentum. Vincent has gone up 100, from 145th in 1996 to 245th in 2015. Vincent continues to go strong.

Famous People Named Vincent

The British Member of Parliament Vince Cable
Vince Cable a British Member of Parliament 

Sir John Vincent Cable is a member of the British parliament, nicknamed the Sage of Twickenham.

Vincent Paul Clarke is a former cricketer. A left handed player, Clarke played for Somerset, Leicestershire and Derbyshire teams during his lacklustre five year career.

Vinnie Jones played British soccer for 15 years before retiring and becoming an actor.

Vincent Regan is best known for acting in British made historical and mythical productions.

Vince Hill is known for being an English folk singer who sings American stage production tune that include Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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Meaning and Origin of the name Wilmot

The name comes from William and possibly means “son of” and the meaning of the name Wilmot is in part “little.”

The spelling of the name is simple, and the pronunciation of the name is simple, as well. Given the simplicity of the name it surprising the name is not more popular and a desirable as a baby boy’s name.


Wilmot is not one of the most popular names in England, it did not making it to the top 100 baby boys’ names list in 2016. But Wilmot is still a classic and good sounding name and a good choice for any parent looking for an English name.

Famous People with the name Wilmot

There are a number of famous Wilmots namely:

  •  Wilmot Brookings an American Pioneer back in 19th century was .
  • Gary Wilmot is an English singer and entertainer, and although his surname is Wilmot, he was still a very popular entertainer in Britain.
  • Henry Wilmot was the first Earl of Rochester and
  • Wilmot Mountain is a place in Wisconsin, United States.

So, while the popularity of Wilmot is not as great as a lot of names, it is still a name that everyone will recognise instantly.

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Meaning of the Name Den

The meaning of Den is “follower of Dionysius” or “son of Dennis.” The name comes from the longer name Dennis, and Dennis is a name that is heard of often.


The name Den is not one of the most popular boys names in England currently. The popularity of Den is so low that it didn’t make it to the top 100 baby names in 2016 (according to the ONS), but it is still a name that is modern enough to be used by new parents.

Famous People Called Den

Den is the first name of a few famous men, and one of those men is Densmore Ronald Driver, who is more commonly known as Den Dover, and who is a politician. Another famous Den is Den Harrow, an Italian fashion model. Den Watts is a fictional character many people love.

The most famous English television character with the name must be Den Watts (Dennis Watts) from the soap Eastenders. Den Watts was affectionately known as Dirty Den.

Dirty Den was the landlord at the Queen Vic
Dirty Den was the landlord at the Queen Vic

So, while the name Den wasn’t one of the most popular baby names recently, it is still being used and heard. It has a simple sound, and it is a name with simple spelling and that is easily recognisable.

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Origin and History of the Name Danny

The name Danny is short for the masculine name Daniel. Daniel was a Hebrew prophet whose story is told in The Book of Daniel. While living in Babylon, Daniel interpreted the king’s dreams, causing the prophet to rise to prominence. Because of his popularity, the name Daniel became a common name for English baby boys during the Middle Ages but tapered off by the 15th century.

Meaning of Danny

Daniel, of the Hebrew origin, meaning God is my judge.

Popularity of Danny

In 1996, Daniel was the second most popular boys name in England and Wales. In the next 20 years, Daniel gradually declined in popularity, reaching 24 by 2014. Presently, the name Danny ranks at 234.

Famous People Named Danny

Danny Drinkwater a  professional footballer who plays for England.
Danny Drinkwater a professional footballer who plays for England.
  • Daniel Defoe was an English author of the 17th and 18th century.
  • Danny Boy Collins is a contemporary, professional wrestler from Bristol, England.
  • Danny Drinkwater is an English football player, who is a native of Manchester, England.
  • Danny Ings is another British football player; he was born in Winchester, England.
  • Danny Wallace is a humorist and author, who is famous for such books as Join Me and Yes Man.
  • “Danny Champion of the World” a famous book by the author Roald Dahl

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The Facts about the Boy’s Name Des

The baby boy name Des was not one of the most popular names in England when a survey was taken in 2015, but it is name that everyone recognises thanks to a few celebrities and the city of Des Moines, Iowa, United States.

The famous sporting presenter Des Lynam
The famous sporting presenter Des Lynam

Des Kelly is a British journalist and broadcaster, Des Coleman is a British actor, Des Browne is a British politician, and Des Bishop is an Irish-American comedian. Each of these people have made a name for themselves and have put the name Des out there but there is one Des that stands out above the others in Britain, it’s the Sports presenter Des Lynam (OBE). Des Lynam is famous for his work on sporting programmes such as Wimbledon, Match of the Day and Grandstand to name a few.

Origin and the Meaning of the Name Des

The Kingdom of Desmond now known as Munster
The Kingdom of Desmond now known as South Munster

The popularity of Des doesn’t matter as much as the sound, spelling, and meaning of the name. It is great in every way, and the meaning of Des comes from Deas Mumhain, which means South Munster.

Des also comes from many others names that start with the three letters “Des”. It is a simple name, and even though it wasn’t in the 100 most popular names in England recently, it is still one that is heard of often and that holds its own.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Oswald

There are many wonderful names in the English names. One name unforgettable name is Oswald although it origin is predominantly German.

The meaning of Oswald means Gods Rule.

Oswald is often consider a name of nobility. There are several famous people that come to mind when one thinks of the name Oswald.


Oswald is not really a popular name in England and it was not in the top 100 most popular baby names in 2016.

Famous People with the name Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald, arrested for the assassination JFK

Oswald is the name a lovely octopus cartoon character.

The most infamous person who beard the name Oswald was Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed President John F. Kennedy.

Oswald belonged to the noble Sir Oswald Mosley. Sir Oswald was belonged to a famous man who served in the United States military during World War 1. He once was a Chancellor and founded the New Party.

Other famous people with the name Oswald is Kirsty, a well known actress from England who had appeared in many beloved television shows. The popularity of Oswald has even permeated the likes of Doctor Who with a fictional character by the name of Clara.

In case you are searching for the right, lovable baby name, Oswald is one you cannot go wrong with.

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The Origin and Meaning of the Name Barnaby

The origin and the meaning of Barnaby comes from the name Barnabas, which comes from the Bible under Paul. The name Barnabas means the son of consolation in Aramaic.

The Barnaby name is primarily given to boys. As it is a more manly name, it would not normally be given to girls.

The name Barnaby, pounce Barnaby is not really a very popular name in more modern times. The name was usually given more at the turn of the 20th century and throughout the 20th century as well.

The Popularity of Barnaby

Barnaby was not in the top 100 baby boys names in England in 2016.


The most common nickname of Barnaby can generally tend to be Barney as it is easier to say quickly

People Called Barnaby

Famous people with the name Barnaby include:

  • Barnaby Conrad who was an American poet and writer.
  • Barnaby Diddleum otherwise known as P.T. Barnum who was the founder of Barnum & Baily Circus.
  • The American Artist Barnaby Evans.

These are just a few of the names of famous people with the name Barnaby throughout history that really should add to the popularity of Barnaby.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Clifford

How about the name Clifford? Clifford is a unique name, not used as much these days.The meaning of Clifford stems comes from a surname of a place from “old English” meaning, ford by a cliff, or ford at the cliff.

Another meaning of Clifford, is “cliff” comes from slopes, or bank of a river, then “ford” means to cross the river.

Often people with the name Clifford are called Cliff.

Places and People Called Clifford

The Singer Cliff Richard
The Singer Cliff Richard

There are some places named Clifford in England. One is in Herefordshire, which is on the river Wye,and the other is in West Yorkshire, referring to the river Wharfe at Boston Spa..

There are many famous people named Cliff or Clifford, such as Cliff Richards and Burton, musicians, or Cliff Harris, Branch, or Floyd, sport stars, or even Cliff Robertson, an actors, just to name a few. Its your son, make your own decision.


Even though it has English origin, the name Clifford was actually adapted in America.

The popularity of Clifford has dwindled considerably since it hit its peak in early 1900’s. However the popularity of Clifford being low, does not mean that there are not many in history.

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Overview of the Name Ambrose

Ambrose rings with an elevated tone, linked as it is to antiquity and Greco-Roman mythology. If one is looking for a rare name, this one very much suits. Though technically unisex, most prefer the female form of Ambrose, “Ambrosia” for baby girls.

Meaning of Ambrose

Ambrose comes from Ambrosios, the Latinization of the Greek name Ambrosios, meaning “of the Gods,” “not mortal,” and “immortal.” The nectar of the Gods, “ambrosia,” has the same root, of course; imbibing ambrosia enabled the Gods to maintain their immortality.

Popularity of Ambrose

Climbing up the ranks throughout 19th-century Britain, Ambrose reached its peak use in 1881. By 1900 the name’s usage slid decidedly, unwaveringly downward. In modern-day Britain, it is unusual to see more than 10 babies a year given the name.

Famous People Named Ambrose

One of the most recognisable historical figures with the name was Saint Ambrose, a doctor of the church who lived in 14th-15th century Italy.

British Historical Figures Named Ambrose

Ambroise/Ambrose the Poet, Chronicler of the Third Crusade.
Sir Ambrose Crowley 18th-century Sherriff of London and wealthy ironmonger.
Ambrose Phillips, 19th-century British poet

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Overview of the Name Bentley

Bentley the Manufacture of luxury cars
Bentley the Manufacture of luxury cars

Bentley is a name that can either be a masculine given name or a surname. The name Bentley was a surname before becoming a given name.

Bentley comes from a place called Old English beonet and Leah. In the year 1919, two men, brothers, Horace Milner Bentley and Walter Owen Bentley started an English car company based in Crewe, England.

Meaning of Bentley

The meaning of Bentley is bent grass and woodland clearing.

Popularity of Bentley

The popularity of Bentley in England for the 20th century is unavailable. In 2011, it was on the chart at number 284, and began to rise until it stated leveling off by 2014 at 299. By 2015, Bentley was number 322 in England and Wales.

Famous Bentleys

Only characters like the two video series Bentleys, the Sly Cooper and from Spyro the Dragon have Bentley for first names. In the comedy series The Jefferson’s, the funny, yet annoying English neighbour was named Harry Bentley. Bill and David Bentley are English football players. Ken Bentley is a British television director. Nicholas and Phyllis Bentley are both famous a British authors. Finally, Marc Benley is a voice-over artist, actor, and broadcaster.

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Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name King

“King” is a great and original first name for a baby boy. In fact, one of the things that makes it so unique is the fact that it is not typically used as a first name. The meaning of King is “tribal leader.” There are records of this name being used in the ancient English, Irish, Scottish, and French cultures, though it has only recently come into use as a first name for boys.


As mentioned, England has only recently started to embrace King as a first name for boys. As a result, the name was not featured as one of the “100 most popular baby boys’ names” that the English government released in 2015, the most up-to-date and recent report.

However, the popularity of King as a name is expected to grow in the coming years. Furthermore, the fact that it is not very common simply means that any baby given this name is sure to be unique and original.

Famous People Called King

Though the name King may not be super common, there are some famous people who have this name. If you name your child King, he will be in good company with famous people including:

  • King Baggot: an actor, screenwriter, and director who grew to great popularity in the silent film era.
  • King Fisher: A famed Texas gunslinger from the Old West.
  • King Crimson: an English rock band that made VH1’s list of “The Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.”

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Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name Alexis

If you are expecting, you may be at search of baby names as this step is extremely crucial to many other parents.They are various resources that aid in the naming process of unborn infants.

Given that names are so much so researched by individuals and depended on, It is very essential to hold a name to the value it uphold for more accuracy.

Quick historical fact on the meaning of Alexis. The name is derivative of saint Alexius. He was an iconic figure in Catholic Churches during the Roman Empire. People find importance to his name because This very man, once a beggar, was singled out by mother Mary as a “man of God” in the 3-4th century B.C. This explains the origin of the name Alexis which mean to help.


Alexis was not in the top 100 boys’ names in England in 2015.  However, the name has gained popularity in the United States during the years 1940’s-2010.

Famous People Called Alexis

Popularity of Alexis: Here Are Examples of Famous people whom lived up to their names

  • Alexis sanchèz – This Chilean man became the Most expensive athlete. He is currently signed by Barcelona for 25 million proving his work ethic a significant one.
  • Alexis ohanian- Partner of Serena Williams known for co-founding Reddit (an American social news discussion website).
  • Alexis tsipras- Voted as one of the most influential people in Time magazine. He has Looked upon Greece debt crisis during his reign as prime minister in 2015

The name of your baby plays a significant role in the shaping of their character as they grow. It depicts what type of image he/she is likely to convey in the world. When picked wisely, this gives parents the up-most satisfaction that their little ones will live up to their names.

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Origin and History of Name Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln the famous American President
Abraham Lincoln the 16th  American President

If you ask people to answer who they thought was the greatest American president the name Lincoln would probably come to mind. Abe Lincoln was known to be a honest man that provides quality and reliability.

The origin of the name comes from the ancient city of Lincoln in the North East of England. The city was founded by the Celtics in the first century. The name Lincoln was also present in the Latin language as early as the 7th century (Lindum Colonia). People think this name come from the Welsh word ‘llyn’ meaning lake and the Latin word colonia meaning colony.

Lincoln eventually became a popular last name for people in the area. When you think about the meaning of Lincoln you think about a well established man.

The Popularity of the Name Lincoln

While President Abraham Lincoln did make it popular that are other factors that add in the popularity of Lincoln becoming a strong name. The popularity of Lincoln has become so much that it has ranked high in states like Utah, and is on the list of Top 200 most commonly used male names.

Famous People with the Name Lincoln

There are many celebrities with the name Lincoln and the name is also used as a lead character male name in movies and television. In 2005 the hit television show Prison Break named their co-leading man Lincoln Burrows. Actress Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard considered the meaning of Lincoln when deciding on what to name their daughter.

On the business end of the spectrum Lincoln Wallen is the Cheif Technology Officer for the software company DreamWorks Animations.

Famous People with the Name Lincoln

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Origin and Meaning of the Name Walter

The famous English Explorer Walter Raleigh
The famous English Explorer Walter Raleigh

The name Walter is of German origin.

The meaning of Walter is “army ruler”, or “folk ruler”. The name was introduced in England, by the Normans, in the 11th century, replacing the name Wealdhere used by England, with the same meaning.

Variations of the Name

There are several variations of the name Walter, such as Walder, Waltar, Walthar, Waltur, Walt, and more.

Famous People with the First Name Walter

Many famous people are, and were named Walter. One of the most famous, every little kids favourite is, “Walt Disney”. Walter Matthau, Walter Scott, Walter Cronkite, and Walter Forbes, are some more.

The most famous English man with the name is Sir Walter Raleigh who was born in Devon and established a colony in what is now called North Carolina.


What is the popularity of Walter? A common name, however not as popular as it once was. It has had its ups and downs in ranking, however still in the top 500. The peak was in the early 1900’s. Not used as much in the last few years, but currently there is a bit of resurgence. No matter your choice, it should be one you are happy with, regardless of history, fame, or popularity.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Lester

The name, Lester is traditionally a boy’s name, and it comes from the Latin. The meaning of Lester is “from the legions camp.” The word Lester is believed to originate from the town of Leicester in the East Midlands of England.

Traits of People Called Lester

Gentlemen with the name Lester typically like to use their skills in a leadership role and want to be independent. They are the delegators, leaving themselves free to focus on more significant matters. Some of their other skills include:
• Analysis
• Comprehension
• A high ability to learn
• Investigative work and
• Adaptability

They make excellent teachers, scholars, mystics, priests, accountants and philosophers. Because they are deep thinkers, they tend to be introverted. Being an introvert can be very challenging in an extroverted world. Introverts can come across as snobbish and depressed, but they just enjoy their own company and live inside their own heads a lot. So, don’t take it personally!

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Lester was at its peak in the early 20th century and the late 1800s. However, since that time, the name has decreased in popularity, and today, we have about 4,800 “Lester’s” in the United States.

Famous people with the First Name Lester

If your name is “Lester” you are in good company with the following famous individuals:
• Lester Holt, NBC anchorman
• Lester Pearson was a politician
• Lester Hunt was also a politician
• Lester Flatt played a mean guitar
• Lester Bowie played the trumpet
• Lester Maitland was a pilot
• Lester Hayes is a retired football player and
• Lester Gillis, well, this Lester was a criminal. Try not to follow in his footsteps

Spiritually, Lester is the “seeker of truth,” and his lucky number is seven. And ladies, records indicate that we’ve had 41 girls by the name of Lester since 1880. So, go ahead Moms and Dads, set a new precedent and name your baby girl Lester.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Tony

Tony is a common Latin boys name. The meaning of Tony originates from the Roman name Anthony. Other variations for the name Tony include, Antonio, Toni, Thonus, Twan, and, Andy.

In Latin, the meaning of tony is “above praise” and in English, “highly praiseworthy,” Other translations of the name Anthony are “priceless” or “of inestimable worth.”

History and Popularity of the Name

The use of the name Anthony, and its variants, have been recorded as an independent name since early medieval times. The spelling of Anthony was associated with a Greek prefix meaning flower during the 17th century.

We started seeing popularity of the name Tony regularly around 1885. Popularity of Tony increased steadily and peaked at around 1963, with about 3,879 babies being given that name in the U.S. At the Time, it was the 51st most popular name in the nation, it now currently ranks at 504th.

Famous People called Tony

Some famous and notable figures bearing the name Tony include: Tony Romo (professional athlete), Tony Danza (actor), Tony Hawk (professional athlete/skateboarder), and Tony Accardo (organized crime).

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Marsh

Marsh is a name the originate from England. The name is most often heard as a surname, but it is a good name that can be used for a first name, too.

The meaning of Marsh is “from the marsh.” It is a simple name that is easy to pronounce, has a simple meaning, and that isn’t too popular. It is a name people will immediately recognise and know the meaning of, and it is a great name for any fan of English football to use.


The name Marsh is an English boy name that is not too popular. It did not make it onto the list of 100 most popular baby names back in 2015, and it did not gain too much popularity since then.

Famous Male People Called Marsh

A celebrity with Marsh as a surname is Phil Marsh, an English footballer. Adam Marsh was a scholar and theologian,whilst  Albert L. Marsh was a famous American metallurgist. So, while the popularity of Marsh as a first name is not all that great, it is still a name that is familiar because it is a surname of a few famous figures.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Sylvester

The name, Sylvester is a masculine name. The original meaning of Sylvester is wood or “of the forest” and is taken from the Latin word silva, meaning woodland.

Its feminine counterpart is Sylvestra. Prior to the Classical Period, the name was spelled Silvester; however, the “I” was changed to a “y” after that time frame of 1750 through 1820.


While not as common today, the popularity of Sylvester, was very common during the Middle Ages and began declining after the Protestant Reformation.

Government records tell us that over 40,000 boys have carried the name, Sylvester since 1980. With the greatest popularity in 1920. Assuming they remain alive, those 805 gentlemen would be 97 this year.

Famous People with the name Sylvester

The Rocky and Rambo star Sylvester Stallone
The Rocky and Rambo star Sylvester Stallone

The name Sylvester, is associated with three Popes. Sylvester I, who is believed to have baptised Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman Emperor. He was also the only sainted Pope Sylvester. As a surname, there were several Englishmen who carried the name including:

  • Charles Sylvester, an English chemist and inventor, was born and christened in 1774 in Sheffield. Though he gave most of the credit to his partner, Charles Sylvester recorded innovative ways of heating hospitals that were included in the design, and the healthier features such as self-cleaning and air-refreshing toilets.


  • Robin Sylvester, born in 1950, in Hampstead, London, now makes his home in San Francisco, California and is best known for his work with the Rat Dog band.
  • As a given name, you will want to note Sylvester Graham (1794–1851), who was a Presbyterian minister and the father of graham crackers.
  • And do we need to mention, Stallone or the cat who tormented poor little Tweety Bird?

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Origin and History of the Jordan

The country and river Jordan
The country and river Jordan

The name Jordan is male and female. It is from the river Jordan that runs between Jordan and Israel.

According to the New Testament of the Bible, this is the place where John the Baptist had baptised the Lord Jesus Christ when he was a baby. Jordan is also used as a surname.

Meaning of Jordan

Jordan is of Hebrew origin; it means the river of judgement.

Popularity of Jordan

The name Jordan was popular in the Middle Ages, but had died out afterwards. Jordan was revived in the 19th century. It was much more popular as a name for boys than for girls. Jordan was at its highest in the middle 1990s in England. It quickly plummeted in its popularity.

Famous British Named Jordan

Katie Price is a fashion model from Brighton, England who adopted the name Jordan as her working name. Jordan Brian Henderson is a centre fielder on a Liverpool football team. He was born in Sunderland, England in 1990. Robert Lawrence Albert Simpson, like Katie Price, also adopted the pseudonym Jordan. He was known as Ronny Jordan. The British Jazz guitarist was born in London, England in 1962.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Earl

Earl is a simple name, but the meaning of it is great. The name originates from the German name Jarl and was used by servants of noblemen. This name has it routes back to the 12th century in England.

The meaning of Earl is really great and one that people will feel good about giving to their child. Earl means “Prince” or “Nobleman” or “Warrior”, all of which are strong and great things for a child to know that they are named.

Popularity of the Name

Earl is a dignified sounding and classic name, but it was not one of the names that made the list of top 100 baby names in England in 2015.

The popularity of Earl is not too great, but it is a name that has a very simple and pleasant sound to it. And the name Earl has been given to many celebrities and notable figures throughout the years, even though it is not too popular.

Famous People Called Earl

One of the people with the name Earl was Earl Warren, an American politician. Another person sharing that name is Earl Cameron, an actor. Earl Thomas is an American football player, and James Earl Jones is an American actor.

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Reginald: Strong Older Name

Reginald is a male name and is an popular name amongst the older generation.

The name Reginald is an English name from the Latin Reginaldus which derives from Regina meaning “queen”.

Later the Germans modified it and took Ragin meaning “advice or counsellor” and adding Wald meaning “ruler.” So the more modern meaning of Reginald is “wise ruler”.

Reginald has also been converted to French and other languages, but they all have a similar meaning.

How to Pronounce Reginald?

Reginald pronunciation is “Reg-in-ald”.


The popularity of Reginald has decreased in the past years. It is considered a formal name today.

A lot of people named Reginald now go by Reg or Reggie. It is a strong name, however. As you can see from the meaning of Reginald you might be destining your child to greatness. People tend to form to their names meaning, so your child might end up wise, strong, courageous, and have all the good qualities of a good leader.

Traits of People with the Name

Reginald is a unique name and has a strong powerful feel to it. While it isn’t popular now, who knows when it might come back into style. If you like being ahead of the trend or want a different name for your son, then Reginald is a good option with a lot of history tied to it.

Famous People with the Name Reginald

  • Reginald Scot – was a politician and member of Parliament.
  • Reginald Dyer – was a Colonel in the British army famous for his activities in India.
    Reginald Ballard is an actor.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Milo

The name Milo is a form of the name Miles. Milo is typically used as a male name.

Milo has been a very recommended author favourite. This name is often heard in Ireland. The meaning of Milo is merciful or soldier. Other origins for this name include Latin America and Old German.

Famous People with the First Name Milo

Some history about the name Milo is that the first person who ever translated the Bible into the English version was named Miles Coverdale. He was one of the Pilgrim fathers. It may have been spelled Myles. The name has been used in Mark Twain’s work. Also it was used in the movie Murphy Brown, Avatar and 24. Many celebrities have this name.

Popularity of the Name

Popularity of Milo has varied over many years. 1891 was when the name was the least popular. From then in 1908-1915, 1986-1990, and 1996-2014 was when the name Milo was at its most popular. In 2015, Milo was ranked 288th Most Popular Boys Name. It is currently in the top 500 for most popular names.

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Quinn: The Wise One

The name Quinn holds the meaning of wise. This name is associated with intelligence and reason.

In the year 2015 it was not among the top 100 most popular names in England. The government statistics have shown this to be true. Quinn is considered to be a gender-neutral name.

Famous Quinn’s

There are numerous famous individuals who are named Quinn. The name Quinn is amongst good company and much talent. Two of the famous with the name Quinn include the following:

  • Quinn Johnson; He is an American football fullback. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the year 2009. He was a college football player at LSU prior to his Packer career. This impressive Quinn is currently a free agent with much strength and talent.
  • Quinn Lord; this famous Quinn is an actor who was born in the year 1999. The three main movies he played in came out in 2007, 2011 and 2015. He is a young actor who did not let his age prevent him from achieving success in world of acting. This teen actor began his professional acting career at the age of five.

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Baby Name Ross

When you pronounce the boys name Ross (It can also be used as a girl’s name but less commonly) it is properly pronounced as ‘Ros’.

The name Ross originated in the Scottish and Gaelic cultures. The meaning of Ross by the Scottish is “headland, cape”. Which is located in Scotland. The Gaelic meaning of Ross is “red”.

Variations in the Name

There are four variations to the name Ross. These include: Rosse, Rossell, Rossiter and Rosston. The name Roscoe is also a popular affiliation.

More creative forms include: Rooss and Royss for boys and Rore and Rori for girls.


As of this year (2017), the baby name popularity of Ross is currently at #805.

Not only is it popular as a boys’ first name, but it is also pretty popular among both adults and baby’s as a last name too.

The first U.S listings of the Ross name was between 1880-1889.

When comparing Ross to its other variables, the only option we are left with is Roscoe. These relations occurred when the Ross name made its appearance from 1880-1889 but is used much less now because of more other widely used names.

Famous People called Ross

  • Ross Kemp, an English actor famous for his hard man roles.
  • Ross Brawn, the formula 1 motor director for both Ferrari and Benetton.
  • Ross Barkley, an English football player famous for playing for the Everton football club.
  • Ross Noble, an English comedian from Newcastle upon Tyne.

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