Meaning of the Name Chandler

The meaning of Chandler one who is responsible for wax, soap, and candles. Or, the head of chandlery in medieval households.

Chandler’s Popularity

The name Chandler has been used for centuries, and although many people have been named Chandler throughout the years, it was not one of the most popular boys names in 2015 (in England) and was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names.

Although the popularity of Chandler is not as great as that of some other boy names in England and around the world, it is still a name that people have heard of, and that sounds dignified. It has been used since medieval times, and it is a name that parents will feel good giving to their child because of the special meaning that it has, and because of how many times it has been used by others and for others in entertainment and beyond.

Famous People with the Name

One of the famous uses of the name Chandler is for the character on the sitcom, Friends, Chandler Bing. A young American actor has the name Chandler Riggs, and Chandler Massey is the name of another American actor.

Another famous Chandler is the actor Chandler Riggs who appears in the TV series The Walking Dead.

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