Charles was in the top favorite baby name list until the 1960’s. Recently it is moving back into the top 100 favorite boy baby names.

Meaning of Charles and Origin

The name Charles means ‘free man’ hails from Germany. The German name of Karl, is a variation of Charles. The name Charles has been around for centuries. It is enjoying a comeback in popularity. A pet form of the name Charles is Charlie.

Popularity of Charles

Charles is a popular name, in 2012 in England it was ranked in 62nd position for baby boys’ names. It has long been a favored name among royalty. Many royals and famous people are named Charles.

Famous People with the First Name Charles

Here is a partial list:

  • Charles Dickens – is a world famous author
  • Charles, Prince of Wales – oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Charlie Daniels– is a famous musician
  • Chuck Berry – another famous musician
  • Charles Bradlaugh – British political activist and militant atheist, founder of the National Secular Society
  • Charles Dawson – English archaeologist, involved in the Piltdown Man hoax
  • Charles Pearson – former Solicitor for The City of London and early railway supporter

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