Meaning and Origin of the Name Christopher

The name Christopher is the English variation of the Greek name Khristophoros. The British have been naming their male babies Christopher since the 15th century.
The meaning of Christopher is a form of Jesus Christ.

Christopher means he who is bearer of Christ in his heart. Saint Christopher is known as the patron saint of travellers because he supposedly carried a young Jesus Christ across the river. England has more paintings of St Christopher, compared to all the other countries.


The popularity of Christopher ranks the name at 132 in both England and Wales. From the 1940s until the middle 1990s, the popularity of Christopher remained in the top 20, and the most common boy name in England. Christopher wasn’t very popular in Scotland, Wales or Ireland. By 1995, Christopher dropped out of the top 100.

Famous People Called Christopher

Many famous British are named Christopher. Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) was an Elizabethan poet who inspired the Marlovian Theory. Christopher Guest of Saturday Night Live fame, although born in New York, holds dual citizenship in he United Kingdom. He has hereditary British Peerage being the 5th Baron Haden Guest. Christopher Robin Milne was AA Milne’s inspiration for Christopher Robin in the Winnie the Pooh books.

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