Interesting Fact About the name Clayton

Did you happen to know that the name ‘Clayton’ was not in the 100 most popular popular baby boys’s name in England in 2015.

As a matter of fact, the meaning of Clayton and the popularity of Clayton may go hand in hand. This is mostly led to popular belief and opinion. It is inspired thought, but not actually factual.

Meaning of Clayton

The name of Clayton can mean either ‘clay settlement’ or ‘mortal. Claeg is the old English word for clay, and Tun is the word for settlement.

It is a known English name for babies, with a surname and a place name combined into one.

Famous People  and Places with the Name

Yet throughout history, such a name has been used multiple times, and not only to name people. For example, we have Clayton, Missouri and Clayton, Manchester. The name continues in popularity and is not considered outdated or overused, despite its long history.

Clayton Blackmore was a Welsh and Manchester United football player.

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