Meaning and Origin of the Name Clifford

How about the name Clifford? Clifford is a unique name, not used as much these days.The meaning of Clifford stems comes from a surname of a place from “old English” meaning, ford by a cliff, or ford at the cliff.

Another meaning of Clifford, is “cliff” comes from slopes, or bank of a river, then “ford” means to cross the river.

Often people with the name Clifford are called Cliff.

Places and People Called Clifford

The Singer Cliff Richard
The Singer Cliff Richard

There are some places named Clifford in England. One is in Herefordshire, which is on the river Wye,and the other is in West Yorkshire, referring to the river Wharfe at Boston Spa..

There are many famous people named Cliff or Clifford, such as Cliff Richards and Burton, musicians, or Cliff Harris, Branch, or Floyd, sport stars, or even Cliff Robertson, an actors, just to name a few. Its your son, make your own decision.


Even though it has English origin, the name Clifford was actually adapted in America.

The popularity of Clifford has dwindled considerably since it hit its peak in early 1900’s. However the popularity of Clifford being low, does not mean that there are not many in history.

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