Meaning of Origin of the Name Coleman

The meaning of Coleman (also spelled Colman) is “Coal Burner” and “Servant of Nicholas” it is also the name of three hundred saints. The name is from Irish, English, and Latin descent. It is usually given to boys, but on rare occasions girls have been given the name.

Popularity of the Name

From 1897 to 1909 the name Coleman fluctuated and then slowly died down. The popularity of Coleman reached its highest in 1903 when 235 babies out of one million were given the name. However in 2001 the name increased in popularity and has kept a steady pace since then.

Famous people called Coleman

Famous people with the first name Coleman include Coleman Young, the first African American mayor of Detroit from 1974 to 1994, as well as Coleman Hawkins, one of the first Jazz musicians to be known for the saxophone. Famous people with the last name Coleman include Jenna-Louise Coleman, a television actress having a role in Emmerdale and Doctor Who, as well as Chris Coleman, a former football player and professional football manager for Wales national team.

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