Meaning & Origin of the Boy’s name Colin

The name Colin is one that’s been around for a long time, and it’s the Anglicised version of the Gaelic  name ‘Coileáin’. The meaning of Colin “pup” or “cub,” meaning that its bearer comes from a wolfish background.

With roots in both old English and in Gaelic, Colin may also be a short form of Cailean, which sounds a bit archaic by today’s standards. The name may also be spelled with a double “l,” but doing so doesn’t change the meaning of the name at all.



Though it has was not in the 100 most popular names in the U.K. in the year 2012 according to the Office of National Statistics. Despite that Colin’s popularity is still noticeable, and this name is still quite commonly used.

Famous People Called Colin

There are a number of famous people who have born the name Colin in the U.K., as well as abroad. The actors Colin Farrel and Colin Firth are two prominent examples from both the big and the small screen of men who’ve carried this name proudly. The American general Colin Powell is another individual who’s achieved international fame.

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