Meaning and Origins of the Name Cyril

Cyril is a rather unique English name. Cyril is a name that has been around for a long time, even as far back as the 313 with Saint Cyril of Jerusalem. It has a great history, and that combined with how unique it is makes it a good catch.

The name actually originates from the Greek name Kyrillos.

It is a boy name, and it is a special name for any young man because the meaning of Cyril is “lord” or “lordly.” The popularity of Cyril is also not too high, and that makes it all the better for those who are trying to give their baby a name that is all his own.

Popularity and Famous People Called Cyril

It was not one of the 100 most popular names in 2014 in England according to data from the Government, but it is still a name that has been shared with some famous figures.

One of those figures is Cyril Delevanti, an English actor who made some American films and had a long career. Another famous is Cyril the Swan the mascot of Swansea city football club. A famous historical Cyril was Cyril of Alexandria, who was a religious leader during the Roman empire back in the 400s.

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