Meaning and Origin of the Name Damian

The name Damian is traced back to Greek origin. It is noted to have early usage in the fourth century as a Christian name. The Patron Saint, Damian, is said to have been the Patron Saint of physicians in that time period. The English usage is traced to the thirteenth century.

The meaning of Damian is said to be tamer, to subdue, to tame, to kill. Some resources regard Damian to be a sweet and harmless name based on reported historic usage.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Damian has predominantly been noted as a name for baby boys. Prior to 1950 the name was irregularly used, and noted decline after the release of “The Omen” in the mid 1970s. In that movie, Damian is characterised as a child of the anti-Christ.

The popularity of Damian peaked in 2012 with 0.19 percent of baby names selected to be Damian. In fact, that year the name enjoyed twice the number of name selection compared to its runner-up. However, the name was in 2013 was not in the top 100 boys’ names in England.

Variations in the Names

The name Damian is noted to have over 40 variations. A few of these include Daemon, Daeman and Daimian. Damian has been predominantly an English name for boys but noted in other countries such as Germany, Poland Ireland and Russia.

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