The Name Darrell And Its Meaning

Darrell origins from the French town of Airelle (a place that no longer exists). The origin of name Airelle is a person who came from the town of Airelle and the meaning of the town and hence Darrell is huckleberry.

Variation in the Name

Darrell can also be spelt as Darrel or Darel.


Darrell was not in the top 100 baby boys names in England in 2016. In fact according to the National Statistics Office Darrell hasn’t been in the top 100 baby boy names since records began in 1904.

Famous People Called Darrell

The English Footballer Darrell Clarke
The English Footballer Darrell Clarke

Famous people named Darrell Clarke (an English footballer who played for Bristol Rovers), Darrell Issa (a politician in the US), and Darrell Scott (a singer song writer) all carry this name,

Pronunciation of Darrell

You have to know how you are pronouncing it before you jump all the way in and give this name to a child. You are pronouncing the name ‘Dar-Rell’, and that is a very important distinction because it means that the name is more like the modern pronunciation you would have heard and not the old one that you hear.

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