Meaning of the Name Dean

The name Dean is an English name a male maybe christened with as an infant. The Old English meaning is derived from a surname “denu” meaning valley for a persons living in or near a Valley. It means Law in Hebrew. It is pronounced deen.

Other Usage of the Name

Occupational name such as the Dean of the College the head of the school. Dean a senior member of a group or organization. Dean also stands for a church official, such as one in charge. Dean as a place, a valley.


Dean is a popular boys’ name in 238th position in a census in the US in 2013. It is also often used as a middle name.

Dean’s roots are in the English culture though many other countries like America use the name Dean when naming their child.

Famous People with the Name

Famous people that are the name Dean is Dean Martin an American actor and singer. American Secretaries of State, statesman Dean Acheson and Dean Rusk. Dean Torrence American musician who was part of the rock band and Jan and Dean.
Dean nickname can be Dino such as Dean Martin often used in his career as an entertainer.

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