Meaning and Origin of Dennis

Dennis has been an English boy’s name since the days of the Norman Conquest and it was introduced to Britain after St. Denis, the 3rd century Bishop of Paris, is one of the patron saints of France. Although the name has been used in England for centuries, the popularity of Dennis has only risen in the last few years in England. However inUntil 2013, it was not among the hundred most popular baby names.

Meaning and Variations of Dennis

The meaning of Dennis comes from the Greek god Dionysus, god of wine (Bacchus to the Romans). Alternate spellings include Denis (very popular in France), Denys, Denish, Dion, Deon, Dionice, and Deonte. It is often shortened to Den or Denny. The feminine form of the name is Denise.

People Called Dennis

A list of people with the name:

  • Musician Dennis Brain,
  • football player Dennis Oli,
  • actor Dennis Price,
  • Olympic athlete Dennis Stewart,
  • author Dennis Wheatley,
  • football manager Dennis Wise,
  • singer Cathy Dennis,
  • publisher Felix Dennis,
  • actor Hugh Dennis,
  • comedian Les Dennis,
  • writer Nigel Dennis,
  • scientist R. W. G Dennis,
  • businessman Ron Dennis,
  • rower Simon Dennis

There’s no shortage of people with the Dennis name. In fiction, there are Dennis Creevy in the Harry Potter novels, Dennis the Locomotive in the Thomas the Tank Engine series, and Dennis and Gnasher of the popular cartoon in Beano.