The Facts about the Boy’s Name Des

The baby boy name Des was not one of the most popular names in England when a survey was taken in 2015, but it is name that everyone recognises thanks to a few celebrities and the city of Des Moines, Iowa, United States.

The famous sporting presenter Des Lynam
The famous sporting presenter Des Lynam

Des Kelly is a British journalist and broadcaster, Des Coleman is a British actor, Des Browne is a British politician, and Des Bishop is an Irish-American comedian. Each of these people have made a name for themselves and have put the name Des out there but there is one Des that stands out above the others in Britain, it’s the Sports presenter Des Lynam (OBE). Des Lynam is famous for his work on sporting programmes such as Wimbledon, Match of the Day and Grandstand to name a few.

Origin and the Meaning of the Name Des

The Kingdom of Desmond now known as Munster
The Kingdom of Desmond now known as South Munster

The popularity of Des doesn’t matter as much as the sound, spelling, and meaning of the name. It is great in every way, and the meaning of Des comes from Deas Mumhain, which means South Munster.

Des also comes from many others names that start with the three letters “Des”. It is a simple name, and even though it wasn’t in the 100 most popular names in England recently, it is still one that is heard of often and that holds its own.

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