Meaning and Origin of the Name Desmond

The name Desmond is said to be derived from Irish etymology. Initially, it is believed to have been represented as Deasmhumhain. The meaning of Desmond is geographic, South Munster. This is a region in Ireland.

A diminutive form of Desmond is Des and Dezi.

Popularity of the Name

Desmond’s popularity statistically, was not ranked within the top 100 baby names in the England or in the USA, respectively in 2014. According to the US Social Security figures, Desmond was ranked 329th position in 2014 for male baby names.

Interesting Facts about the Name Desmond

While the name Desmond is primarily an English name, it is also an acronym. In the UK, the acronym Desmond stands for Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed. See the website for more information.

Desmond has serve as a surname or first name. Further, Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond TuTu may well typify the Kabalarian meaning of Desmond. A person who displays ambassador-like qualities in working for harmony between people groups. Noted with this are characteristics of established trust and diplomacy. Typically, Desmond is understood to be a masculine name whose usage has been primarily English.

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