Meaning of Popular Boy’s Names: Dexter

Dexter is a very popular boys’ name, it comes from a old English surname meaning Dyer or Dyer of Cloth. In Latin Dexter is an adjective and has a variety of meanings ranging from, on the right hand side, skilful, fortunate or favourable, proper and fitting. From the word comes phrases like dexterous and ambidextrous.


As previously stated the name Dexter is quite popular for males in both the UK and the United States of America. In England it was the 70th most popular boys’ name and as of 2014 it ranked as the 362th most popular male name in America.

Usually, the choice to pick a name is based, partially, upon the above, upon the meaning or derivative meanings of the name throughout it’s particular history.

Famous People

Currently the two most popular fictional characters whom are associated with the name Dexter are Dexter Morgan, the fictional serial killer from Jeff Lyndsey’s series of novels and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, a over the top and off-the-cuff children’s show.

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