Meaning and Origin English Baby Name Donald

The name Donald is Scottish in nature, stemming from the Gaelic name ‘Domhnall.’ The meaning of Donald is “ruler of the world,” or “world ruler.” The pronunciation of the second ‘d’ was a mishear by English speaking people partially due to the Germanic moniker ‘Ronald.’

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Donald peaked years ago but had been historically more popular in Scotland than in England. According to data, Donald has not been in the top 100 baby names for quite some time. In fact, Donald peaked at number 18 in 1934. Afterwards, it began it’s rapid descent in decreasing popularity. By 1974, Donald dropped out of the top 100 boy names. In 2013, only eleven English babies were bestowed the name and currently ranks 1920th in the country.

Variations of the Name Donald

A couple variations of the name include Don and Donnie. The name Donna is considered to be the feminine version of Donald, although there is no relation between the two.

Famous people who bear the name include actors Donald Sutherland and Donald Hewlett, Disney cartoon Donald Duck, and U.S. billionaire Donald Trump. The name was also given to several Scottish monarchs, Gaelic kings and other noblemen throughout the ages.

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