Meaning and Origin of Douglas

The name Douglas is quite unique and may demonstrate a bit of an eccentric, creative flair. When you think of famous people with the name, you might think of Douglas MacArthur or Kirk Douglas.

The meaning of Douglas is “dark river” from the 16th century Gaelic Scottish “Dubhglas” name.

Traits of People with the Name

A baby boy who seems very serious, brooding and contemplative might receive this powerful name. Douglas sounds like an expert in history. Both Douglas MacArthur and Kirk Douglas had a great understanding of historical events. They were able to consider how their own actions, fit into the broader span of time.

Popularity of the Name Douglas

While the name is not in the top 100 of the most popular names of English boys (in England in 2015), the popularity of Douglas remains in smaller niches. Your child can stand out and make sure that he is the only “dark river” in your neighbourhood. Another nice element of the name Douglas is that your child can be a pathfinder and help determine what the name means to the world. Douglas seems to be a boy ready to conquer the world!

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