Origin and Meaning of the name Duncan

The name Duncan is a boy’s name that is popular in Britain and America. The name Duncan is an Anglicized name that comes from the Gaelic name Donnchadh. The meaning of Duncan is debatable, and likely comes for several different root words. The name is likely comes from the Gaelic root word “ceann”, which means head. The name Duncan means dark-haired warrior, dark haired man, chieftain, or noble.

Popularity of the Name

Duncan is a common name but currently unpopular as a baby’s name. It is not in the top hundred baby names in England in 2013. The name was ranked in the 821st spot in 2013 in the United States. The name enjoyed an increased popularity in the late 1990’s.

Famous People Called Duncan

There have been a number of a famous people with the name Duncan. Two Scottish kings have held the name Duncan. The name has also been held by Duncan Campbell Scott who was a Canadian poet, and by Duncan Goodhew who was an Olympic swimmer for Great Britain. Duncan Bannatyne is an Entrepreneur and TV personality starring on the TV series Dragons’ Den.

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