Meaning and Origin of the Name Earl

Earl is a simple name, but the meaning of it is great. The name originates from the German name Jarl and was used by servants of noblemen. This name has it routes back to the 12th century in England.

The meaning of Earl is really great and one that people will feel good about giving to their child. Earl means “Prince” or “Nobleman” or “Warrior”, all of which are strong and great things for a child to know that they are named.

Popularity of the Name

Earl is a dignified sounding and classic name, but it was not one of the names that made the list of top 100 baby names in England in 2015.

The popularity of Earl is not too great, but it is a name that has a very simple and pleasant sound to it. And the name Earl has been given to many celebrities and notable figures throughout the years, even though it is not too popular.

Famous People Called Earl

One of the people with the name Earl was Earl Warren, an American politician. Another person sharing that name is Earl Cameron, an actor. Earl Thomas is an American football player, and James Earl Jones is an American actor.

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