Meaning and Origin of the Name Eddie

Eddie, is a boy’s name that is derived from name the English name Edward. The most common meaning of Eddie is “wealthy.” The name “Eddie” first started to appear around 1880 making the name nearly 150 years old today.

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Popularity of the English Name

In 2014, Eddie was ranked 590th for most popular boy’s name and reached its popularity peak during the 1990’s. Eddie’s popularity has been in a slight decline in recent years. The most common countries where Eddie appears is the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Famous People Called Eddie

Some famous people with the name Eddie include: Eddie Murphy, Eddie Guerrero, Eddie Van Halen, and Eddie Griffin.

Arguably the most popular Eddie in recent times would be Eddie Van Halen, the guitarist for rock bank Van Halen. During musical concerts, it’s not uncommon to see signs in the crowd stating “I love Eddie!”

The British pop-punk band Son’s of dork, released the single “Eddie’s song” in January of 2006. The song made it on the list of top 10 UK singles.

Variations in the Spelling

Eddie can also be spelt as Eddy.

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