The Name “Edmond” (or “Edmund”)

The name Edmond is a masculine Old English name. Often times, people may spell it as Edmund, but it depends on their personal preference. The meaning of Edmond is “prosperous protector”. The name is said to be derived from the Old English words ēad, (prosperity/riches) and mund (protector).

Therefore, the name suggests that someone named Edmond or Edmund is going to be rich and a protector of all things that are meaningful to him.

Popularity of Edmond

Despite its powerful meaning, the popularity of Edmond is not very high. In fact, the name did not make the top 100 list of popular English boy names in England during the year of 2014. Despite this statistic, there are many people worldwide that are named Edmond.

Famous People Called Edmond

Edmund the Martyr a famous Edmond
A famous Edmond – Edmund the Martyr

Many of them are famous for something. For example, Edmund the Martyr was a famous king of East Anglia until he died in the year 869 or 870.

Another famous noble figure with the name Edmund was Edmund of Langley, First Duke of York. He was the son of King Edward III of England.

The list of famous people named Edmund is rather long and consists of religious, political, and scientific figures.

Edmund Blackadder is a much loved fictional TV character (played by Rowan Atkinson) who brought British history to the masses.

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