Are you looking at naming your child Elliot? Elliot would be a unique name as it was not in the top 100 names of baby boy’s list of choices in 2012 according to the office of National Statistics.

Meaning and Origin of Elliot

According to research on the meaning of the name it has different meanings depending on which language it is translating from. Greek & American meanings are “Jehovah is God”, the English translation states “My God is Jehovah” and the French translation simply means “believes in God”. So if you are planning on raising your child in a Catholic-Christian lifestyle then this is a great selection.

Famous People

In regards to the name there were also famous people who also carried the name. Elliot Daly, an English rugby player, donned the name Elliot. Another famous Elliot, Elliot Ness who was famous in the early 1900’s for his role as a Chief investigator for Chicago during the Prohibition of alcohol.

Variations of the Name

The name has become consistently more popular over the past 100+ years is another thing to keep in mind – Elliot can be spelled with one or two L’s and also with two T’s (Elliott). Common nicknames for Elliot are El, Eli, Lotte and “E”. So keep all these ideas in mind and determine Elliot is a name that will work best for you.