Origin of the Name Ellis

Ellis is a name that is derived from “Elijah” or “Elias”. It is a western version of those two names.

Ellis is a short and gentle name. The meaning of Ellis is “for life” or “for god.” It is an English name that has been used often, but not too often, and it is a good pick for any modern parent. It is a boy name, but can also be used for girls, and is also a surname.

Popularity of the Name Ellis

Ellis is a beautiful name. It is a good choice for a boy name in that it popular enough, but the popularity of Ellis is not too high. It was not in the 100 most popular baby names in England in 2014. He will stand out just enough when you name your baby boy Ellis.

Famous People with the Name

One popular place with the name Ellis in it is Ellis Island. An American folk musician and singer/songwriter is named Ellis Paul, and Ellis Ashbrook is a musician in an American rock band.

Another famous person with the first name Ellis is Ellis Wackett. He served as a senior commander of the Royal Australian Air Force.

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