There is Meaning in every Name, Elton

The world famous singer Elton John
The world famous singer Elton John

The name Elton may conjure up many images for you. This is a unique Old English name. Every name has an important meaning attached to it. The meaning of Elton does indeed have English origins.

The actual name stems from Ella’s town, or from an Old English word ‘tun’ that means settlement or enclosure. The name has been used as a boys name and a girls name. This is not necessarily a common name given today.


The popularity of Elton is not very high at this time. This was a popular name given in the year 2015.

This is typically a name that has been given to boys. This name has actually been used for many years. This name that has been around since the 20th century.

The name Elton John, the famous musician, was given this name in the year 1947. This is a rare name and does stand out amongst other names. This name had peaked in popularity in the year 1915. There were approximately 36 percent of boys who were given this name at that time.

Famous People and Placed Named Elton

You may recognise the following individuals named Elton:

  • Elton John
  • Elton Brand
  • Elton Dean

These are only a few of the famous people with this name. There are many more.

In England there are many places that have the name Elton including in the areas of Manchester, Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Hertfordshire.

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