English Names for Boys

Choosing an English Name for Boys

Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision as you and other people will be calling him or her this name for the rest of their lives. So here are a few tips that will help you choose an English name that will stand the tests of time:

  1. Don’t rush anything you have plenty of time (in the UK up to six weeks after the baby is born to register its name).
  2. Make a short list of 1st names you like. Use this website to help you find names that work well with your surname.
  3. Look for potential middle names once you have a short list of 1st names.
  4. Try imagining called your baby your chosen name when you’re cross. Does it still sound ok?
  5. Ask your partner or friends or family to create their own short list of names. Then compare the names. Can you agree on a short list?
  6. Leave it a week or two come back to your favourite names. Choose the one you like the most?
  7. Wait for the baby’s arrival and now you are ready to tell everyone your chosen name.

Good luck and post any tips that you found helpful when choosing a name for your baby.

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  1. I read through an online magazine were i was told that d name Mace is a boy’s name and it means the gift of God. now ive been trying to get it but its not been possible. what i see is that the Name Mace means weapon used by knights. please assist me get the one that says its a gift from God. i want to give that name to my baby

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