Meaning Origin of the Boy’s Name Floyd

The idea of naming your child Floyd hasn’t been a trend since the time period of the 1880s all the way through the year 1940; when it was then a top one hundred name. The name itself originated by the Welsh, the meaning of Floyd “gray-haired”. In modern day times, the sound of the Floyd name has developed a slight touch of quirkiness in general, along with a comical persona.


In 2013, Floyd was not in the top 100 baby boy’s name in England.

Famous People Called Floyd

Although there isn’t much popularity of Floyd, there are several famous people that were born given the name. One famous person with the name is Keith Floyd, the British chef. There is much more information behind the history of his naming on Wikipedia. The most popular celebrity icon is Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is known around the world because of his unbelievable abilities as an American boxer; having won many championships and still remains unbeatable.  Not only do a few celebrities have the name Floyd, but it is also included in the famous English rock band you have most likely heard of called Pink Floyd, they are actually one of the most commercially successful rock bands of all time.

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