History and Meaning of Francis

St. Francis of Assisi was one of the first men to use the name, with the patron saint of animals father giving him the title as a way of celebrating the trading contracts he had built with the French people. The Latin meaning of Francis is Frenchman, a meaning derived from the Latin word Franciscus. This is not the only meaning of Francis, with many who choose the name doing so for its more common meaning of free.

Popularity of the Name Francis

Although Francis was not one of the 100 most popular baby names in England in 2013, the Francis name does remain popular and is heard amongst many celebrities and famous people. The popularity of Francis is often put down to the biblical use of the name, with St. Francis of Assisi just one of the famous saints known to have used the moniker.

Famous People Called Francis

The Francis name has been given to a large number of famous people over the years, including English explorer and maritime hero Sir Francis Drake and American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald whose F stands for Francis. More modern users of the name include Hollywood movie director Francis Ford Coppola and Pope Francis.

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