Meaning and Origin of Frederick

The name Frederick is an English spelling derived from the German name, Friedrich. The meaning of Frederick can be found in the German root words “frid” and “rich” mean “peace-keeping” and “power” respectively. It has a variety of spellings in different languages. Fred, Freddie, Frederico and many others have spawned from Frederick. Frederica is one female variation of Frederick.


Frederick’s popularity has been stable in the past couple of years. According to previous and current statistics from the Office of Nation Statistics in England, Frederick was the 87th most popular name in 2011 -2012.

Famous People with the Name

There are many famous Englishmen named Frederick. Prince Frederick of England, grandson to King George II and son to Prince Frederick of Wales, ruled the kingdom in the 1700s. Another prominent ‘Frederick’ would be Frederick Forsyth, a British political commentator and writer. Frederick Norris, British marathon runner, won a bronze medal during the European Championships in the late 1950s. Sir William Herschel, the Englishman who discovered the planet Uranus and two of its moons, has a birth name that happens to be Frederick.

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